IQ-Party, opposition with courage,

formulates deviating opinions, resting on scientific research.

IQ-Party, with attention for Rights-Duties-Balance, is working in- and

outside of Parliaments. In the next elections you can elect us into parliament





In the meantime you can study our political standpoints via and (what we wish), and via and (what we donít wish).

Analysis of the historic situation on†

Three spearheads, derived from party1, on†

IQ is lefter than the left: we want a basis-income for everybody.

IQ is righter than the right: we wish beautiful DNA-clothes for everybody.

See through the powersystem! Care for your rights!

IQ-Party: Give rights to all, who accept sane duties. In Great Britain, in†††† Europe and worldwide:

Politics with vision

solves big problems