How to handle the war-refugee-crisis?


1..  It’s a duty to help war refugees.

2..  It’s a big fault to spread war refugees over the living areas of the Europeans.

The terror attack in Paris with 150 Europeans killed and 300 wounded severely has shown one risk. Another risk: many refugees are unwilling to return later: “We come to stay fore ever.”  More imported chaos ahead. IQ-society doesn’t support Illuminati-politics: weaken Europe by implanting more and more chaos-factors.


3..  Solution

     A good solution is to house war refugees at the southern borders of Europe in some big cities with all commodities, adapted to their needs, f.i. on one of the many Greek islands, bought from Greece, helping thereby Greece with European money. China has shown, how quick a city can be build. We have technology to build a city of dismountable houses still quicker, houses with single wall and houses with double walls. Both possible,

Such cities don’t need an economic base because provided from out Europe with food and everything. Therefore they can be build in many places. The war refugees can assist in building the houses from the puzzle-pieces, delivered by Europe.


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